Here's some of the projects I've worked on over the years in my spare time. Or at least the ones I can tell you about ;). They're more of an exercise in accomplishing a large number of goals in a minimal amount of time rather than perfection. So don't get too excited.

Marianberry is a side project I started to help both people struggling with infertility & those looking to understand more about their fertility and bodies. It's currently available on iOS and web.

Technologies used:

  • Angular2+
  • Symfony4
  • cordova
  • MariaDB
  • APNS

Author and maintainer of a package that provides a lightweight connection wrapper around the sequelize project for Node.js.

ABANDONED - Author and maintainer of a package that provides a Scrum KanBan project management interface directly on top of the GitLab issues API. Shortly after getting a basic version up and running GitLab released it's 'Boards' module, which rendered the application pointless; although it was a fun project. Technologies used:

  • AngularJS

Contributor to several packages in the spree-contrib organization including:

Refactored Brightcove's Open Source PHP SDK to take advantage of namespacing and composer.