Here're some of the projects I've worked on over the years in my spare time. Or at least the ones I can tell you about ;). They're more of an exercise in accomplishing a large number of goals in a minimal amount of time rather than perfection. So don't get too excited.

Gutenbooks is a cleaner and more user friendly UX for Project Gutenbooks. Basically, although Project Gutenbooks is amazing, their website is hideous. So I built a cleaner API and UX for it. Check out the source.

Technologies used:

Marianberry is a side project I started to help both people struggling with infertility & those looking to understand more about their fertility and bodies. I ended up shutting the app down due to some disputes regarding intellectual property. It's complicated, but you can read all about it in my blog post. At the end Marianberry (through discovery via organic search only) had several hundred daily users who were very sad to see it go.

Technologies used:

  • Angular2+
  • Symfony4
  • cordova
  • MariaDB
  • APNS

Author and maintainer of a package that provides a lightweight connection wrapper around the sequelize project for Node.js.

ABANDONED - Author and maintainer of a package that provides a Scrum KanBan project management interface directly on top of the GitLab issues API. Shortly after getting a basic version up and running GitLab released it's 'Boards' module, which rendered the application pointless; although it was a fun project. Technologies used:

  • AngularJS

Contributor to several packages in the spree-contrib organization including:

Refactored Brightcove's Open Source PHP SDK to take advantage of namespacing and composer.